Meet the Doctor

Dr. O'Connor has been helping people live pain free in his chiropractic clinic in Palm Coast, FL. As a chiropractor with experience he is committed to promoting health and living a life drug free.

Dr Michael O'Connor

Staff Member

In the Spring of 1982, Dr. Mike graduated from Cortland State University of New York at Cortland Sports Science and Recreation. From there, he started managing Multi-Million Dollar Fitness facilities in Singapore and S. E. Asia. Clark Hatch Fitness Centre Marco Polo Hotel  and Hyatt Fitness. Shortly after, he married Miss Singapore Body Beautiful! Stephanie Tan Hui Lin. (Lucky man.) After thier fantastic time in Singapore, Dr. Mike decided to head back to the states and graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. By now they have two girls (Natasha and Nina.) Dr. Mike opened his first High Volume Family Practice in Palm Coast, Florida. (Coastal Chiropractic Life Center) from 1993-2006. Their third and fourth children were born, Nicholas and Noelle. Awesome times!
After running a successful practice in Palm Coast, FL, Dr. Mike and his family packed their things, put down roots, and started a practice in Italy (Chiropratica New York)! It was a fantastic experience for him and his family and something they all feel blessed to have done. (2006-2010.) The O'Connors wanted to be closer to family and friends so they headed back to Florida where Dr. Mike opened another practice in Ormond Beach, Florida from 2010-2017. (Advanced Life Center and Advanced Healthcare Physical Medicine)


With their four children grown and building their own careers, Surprise! Dr, Mike and Stephanie started their next adventure and moved to Dublin, Ireland to help a longtime friend with decompression and Chiropractic office in downtown Dublin 2.
After spending over a year in Ireland, they decided to head back to the place they met and fell in love, Stephanie's birth place, Singapore. 
From 2018 to 2020, Dr. Mike worked at the Advanced Pain Centre in Jurong, Singapore. Dr. Mike was in charge of the company's branch in Jurong, caring for patients and organizing a team of four. It was a wonderful two years of enjoyable work with a myriad of patients and cases utilizing Chiropractic adjustments, Decompression, physical rehabilitation and laser therapy for neuropathies. 

In January 2021, Dr. Mike officially opened his newest office back in Palm Coast, Florida. 

O'Connor Chiropractic Life Center which is located at 25 Florida Park Drive, Palm Coast, FL 32137


  • Certified in Nutrition Response and utilize kinesiology testing in much analysis.

  • Extremely well versed in any conjunctive exercise to strengthen or elongate the supportive spinal structures and every one of my clients received specific, tailored postural "home work".

  • I speak at clubs, organizations and corporations on a variety of subjects having to do with health and vitality.

  • I do very methodical and highly effective spinal screenings. I can initiate conversation with ANYONE because I truly love people and get my joy from seeing people's lives changed and transformed. No bull.

  • I speak Italian fluently. (Mother's side is Italian)

  • Expertise in Spinal Alignment and Optional Postural Rehabilitation.

  • 30 Years of experience in Sports/Accident Trauma and Vertebral Subluxation Reduction.

  • Highly versed in Kinesiology and Movement Exercise.

  • Analyzes individual postural distortions and prescribes care plans and strategies for the body as a whole integrative unit.

  • Author of the upcoming book " The Vitalistic Warrior", Speaker and Lecturer.

  • Personal Health Coach.

  • Completed Numerous Marathons.

  • Completed 8 hours 3 minutes of Non- Stop Rope Jumping.

  • Completed 10,002 non-stop situps for charity ( Easter Seals Society )